altavoz distribution & entertainment, network n. 1(Spanish) distribucion de la musica & videos n. 2 the loud voice of indiependent distribucion, loud, high; speaker, voice. 3 the networking of infowhatever to anyone who wants it! 4 Hell of a good waste of time. Ant. 1 Main stream, 2 normal, 3 industry

Altavoz® is your entertainment company established to promote and distribute independent music, concerts, and video products.

Independent Music makers Look creating the future of music today is hard!. . visit

Altavoz Distribution is offering for Music Producers/Labels/Artists/ a combo online/retail distributon contract which includes Altavoz’s revoluntiory tracking system.

Altavoz can now allow labels, bands, managers, clubs, and radio to login online and find out what is hot by genre, zip code, song length, just about anything. How many 23 yr old in a major city that streamed or downloaded your file(s) and where they did it. Plus much more like:

  • National & regional marketing planes
  • EDI cataloging linked to Entertainment Public Blockchain’s Database.
  • UPC code if needed.
  • full time sales staff devoted to stores
  • we buy records for 42 percent of RIAA retail price