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We ensure artists and labels have access to a unique array of traditional and out-of-the box distribution channels and are creatively promoted so they can build their presence, make their mark, and earn a living – all with a social conscience.

Altavoz has pioneered the development of Distribution as a Service (DaaS) for other distributors. And we want our suppliers to know our business is a service not your music. With that in mind our parnters can choose how they want the release to come out via our distribution deals.

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Physical Distribution Deal

Physical Distribution Deal

Physical Distribution Deal

Cassettes, CDs and Vinyl are still selling

Ask anybody “in the know” and they’ll be quick to tell you that’s digital distribution is where you should put your music. After all, everybody gets their music through iTunes, and nobody bothers with physical media. That’s common knowledge. Of course, it’s also completely false. The truth is, 60% of all music sales in last week according to MusicCapitalist were either CDs or vinyls, sold at your average retail store.

And, more importantly, physical music has a higher margin, meaning that more money finds its way to your pocket if you sell a CD than if you sold that same album online. So why doesn’t anybody know this? Because the Majors prefer things that way. The less money you make, the more money they do. They’re afraid that if you are given the chance will be successful, you’ll take money away from their artists.

Now with Altavoz direct to store distribution you’re not the bottom of the some giant amped up business. Altavoz and it’s sales team push our catalogs directly to retailers cutting out the monolopy in the middle. With over 3000 outlets in just Musicstores and more coming online via Altavoz with it’s concept is new paradigm of Physical Distribution

And Indie Artists, Bands and Labels we want you to be part of it too.

The Altavoz Difference

We think you deserve that chance. The big labels are out to wring every penny out of artists, but we don’t think that the music business has needs to say that way. We think that it is better to partners with our artists, rather than adversaries. We don’t think it’s right to conjure up contracts hundreds of pages long just to confuse people. We’re out to help artists, not use them until there’s nothing left and our plan for physical only distribution is very simple.

Starting at $550.00 Altavoz will ingest your release (Single, EP or LP) into the Data of Music ecosystem, from Nielsen Soundscan, ROVI, OneStop database as well as DDEX, and Public Music Blockchain, and own catalog that is marketed to over 3000 Music Retailers, and the major Onestops thus ensuring that 100 percent of the store buyers can purchase your release. On the front end Altavoz will give 1 UPC and up to 15 ISRC for each submittal. This fee only covers the
So what are you waiting for — Hit the link and fill out the form, and we’ll give you a call about how we can get your music to your fans, and get your money into your pocket in the process.


Click Mike above to submit application

Please call, text or leave a message about any questions or concerns or

Manufacturing on Demand Music

Manufacturing on Demand Music
Model: DaaS
Product ID: MODM

Altavoz Entmt is pleased to announce the addition of Manufacturing on Demand Music MODM as a new service. Our label SOV just made this press release available. This is a new choice for Artists, Bands and Labels when considering whether to offer a physical release, especially in CD format vs Vinyl or Cassettes. This new approach to manufacturing will also our whole supply cycle to truly use the BuyingThis(TM) capabilities of Altavoz to pinpoint and deploy physical music in nearly in real time – based upon our Fan Heat Map and pre-sales from and Walmart is part of our promise of being the Future of Entertainment Today(TM).

What is MODM Simply ship us or digitally transmit printer-spread paginated artwork, that is stored in our print-ready reproduction process; include music in WAV or FLAC formats, choose a Template format give us the permission to offer this Dic-on-Demand services in the form of album burns to Redbook CD (meaning only one burn may be provided to purchasing consumer per sale of said album) and we’re ready to go into mass production from 1-100000.

MODM for our Libary Distribution Deal(TM) and School Music Deal(TM) partners moves the conversation from should we to why not. The risk is asymmetric to the advantage. Since Altavoz has already seen the power of having product in the digital and physical music ecosystems. Making it happen when and only there is a demand is the next logical step.

In the words of our partners at AMPED “MOD maintains the fire and viability of physical CD’s by preserving and expanding the titles currently available to consumers today. Because we’ve reduced the risk down to the cost of an one-day seminar.

This is truly unprecedented for large catalog owners of labels that are running on dreams and shoestrings.

Give us a call 800-229-3764.

The Honor Man

The Honor Man

July 1st, 2016 available as MODM

“John Brendan Aloysius Looney was born to Kevin and Maureen Looney on February 24, 1981 in Southern Maryland. The oldest of six, Brendan was named after his Grandfather John Aloysius Looney and Throughout grade school, Brendan played football, basketball and baseball. From the very beginning, Brendan knew what it meant to work hard both on and off the field. He expected 100% from himself and encouraged others to give the same. For Brendan, laziness was not an option. There were always goals to reach and missions to accomplish. It was this approach to life that inspired others and became the guiding principles of his life.

Brendan’s love of athletics followed him from childhood to his father’s alma mater DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD. Brendan was part of a DeMatha family legacy that included eight of his uncles. Brendan’s two brothers and numerous cousins have since followed suit. At DeMatha, Brendan was a decorated athlete in football and baseball. He also played DeMatha basketball and ran track. As captain and team MVP, Brendan led the 1998 DeMatha Football team to national rankings and was recruited by the United State Navel Academy NSNA his senior year. Upon graduating from the USNA, In May 2004, Brendan graduated from the Naval Academy and was commissioned as an Ensign. He began his naval career as an Intelligence officer, and was deployed first to Korea and then Iraq. Upon completion of those tours, Brendan requested and was given a lateral transfer to Naval Special Warfare community in 2006, where he earned the right to attend Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, known as BUDS. BUDS training is considered the most grueling and demanding military training in the world. Each BUD/S class starts with approximately 290 men and an average 10 men make it through to graduation.

This is reflected by SEALs motto, which is “The only Easy Day was Yesterday.” Brendan joined his fellow BUD/S selectees in Coronado, CA as part of Class 265 in 2007. Brendan graduated from BUD/S in June 2008 and was bestowed with the highest honor a BUD/S graduate can receive, being named “Honor Man.” This distinction is given to the best graduate in each class. Upon graduation from BUDS Brendan was assigned to SEAL Team THREE.”

To learn more please visit and donate to

About the release.

As a documentary was being prepared about this incredible story of Brendon Looney (See the Youtube Video) the school that was the catalyst for Brendan and his two other brothers DeMatha Catholic High School, the facility, staff and friends which helping to make this documentary decided to put together a soundtrack from the roots of Brendan’s Irish and Military upbringing and this communities and the world as a whole collective loss all reflected in “The Honor Man”. Fetchers 19 tracks giving us a story, rendition and ode to the greatness of Brendan’s life. So to ensure this model tale of valor is wide known. The Honor Man will now being released digitally and physical to every store, library and content partner that wants to be part of this great still unfolding story.

Track Information coming soon:

The proceeds of this are earned by DeMatha Catholic High School to support Brendon Looney’s Scholarships under our 1st School Music Deal(TM) and simple by the sales, streaming and library checkouts that the fans of this story, Irish music and DeMatha can now however they want to be BuyingThis(TM) our DaaS service ensure that obtention retailers are aware of the Fan Heat Map for this or any release.

Ultimately what and how DeMatha and AltavozEntmt make physical (Blu-ray, Cassette, CD, DVD, Vinyl) the fans of this release and DeMatha will help to determine this part of the music production equation. And, the when, where and how it goes out is what our experience and technology can offer DeMatha or your school. What does this mean? In our Model, Before a single unit is made let alone shipped — AltavozEntmt’s ability to offer pre-sales (,,,, and all tied to our collective collection intelligences about this release and thus an informed whole supply chain is now able to see the Market for this and offer a pinpiont distribution solution.

About DeMatha

DeMatha Catholic High School, named after Saint John of Matha, is a four-year Catholic high school for young men located in Hyattsville, Maryland (, USA ( DeMatha is known for its excellence in academics, music, arts, and athletics. DeMatha is a member of the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference, and is under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington. For more information, visit

About School Music Deal


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  • May 19th 2107 – Altavoz Entertainment Pushes Out New Music from Concore Entertainment and Triple Threat Productions Songs Featuring 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne ltavoz Entertainment launched two highly anticipated releases, Concore Entertainment’s album “I AM NATALIA DAMINI” from Natalia Damini and the single “Don’t Stop” from JC Triple Threat, on his own label Triple Threat Productions.
  • May 1, 2017 – OTC MARKETS Altavoz announces support for Music Public Blockchain Project. Starting in 2nd quarter of 2017 all of Altavoz’s catalog will be put into an open music public blockchain and we’ll advocate for other distributors, publishers, all recording rights holders to do the same.
  • Apr. 20, 2017 – OTC MARKETSConcore Entertainment has signed a digital physical distribution deal with Altavoz and starting with the release “I am Natalia Damini” out on May 19th by recording artist Natalia Damini that has features by 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne and is currently getting spins with her single Slow€ on Power 1057.
  • Apr. 6, 2017 – OTC MARKETS Soul Real Entertainment, Inc. (SREI) has signed a full distribution deal with Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. to release a series of projects. Their first project, Constellation, is scheduled to launch in August, before that month’s total solar eclipse. For this and other releases, SREI is taking advantage of Altavoz’s Manufacturing on Demand music program and its Financed Distribution Deal.
  • Feb. 14, 2017 – PRNewswire — Triple Threat Productions joins with Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. for digital & physical distribution services around the release of JC aka Triple Threat’s new record “I Know” written by JC aka Triple Threat and produced by Big Duke is a modern day love song with a R&B vibe infused with Hip Hop. The official release of “I Know” shows off the artist’s sexy vocals on a smooth groove while spicing it up with his unique chilled rap style. ROCKVILLE, Md..
  • Feb. 9, 2017 – PRLog — One Team One Dream, LLC (OTOD) has signed a full distribution deal with Altavoz Entertainment Inc. to release Digmata’s debut release – Digmata, The Life. As the title says it’s about Digmata and the life that made this release so special for him and all of the One Team One Dream group. The first single, with Ray Jr, is set for Feb 10th on all digital outlets and the full release to be out on April 21th 2017 “Glad to be working with Altavoz Entertainment – Taking my music from local to global” Artists/Label Owner -Digamata


  • Oct 16, 2016 – Marketwired — 10/06/16 — Five-Time Grammy Award Winning Artist “FutureMan” Joins Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTC PINK: AVOZ) is pleased to be the new home for the back catalog and future musical releases of five-time Grammy Award winning musician, composer, and performer Roy “FutureMan”Wooten.
  • August 18, 2016 17:58 ET Altavoz Is a Proud Sponsor of Internationally Renowned Charity Event — SEA Paddle NYC 2016 ROCKVILLE, MD–(Marketwired – Aug 18, 2016) – Altavoz (OTC PINK: AVOZ), a distributor of independent music to digital and physical retailers, announced today that it is an official sponsor of the Surfers’ Environmental Alliance — SEAPaddle NYC 2016. Created in 2007, the 25 mile paddle around Manhattan is one of the premiere SUP and prone paddle events in the world. Through paddler fundraising, corporate sponsorship and ancillary events, it has raised over $2.35 million for environmental preservation and numerous autism non-profits. The event was recently honored as the “2013 SUP Awards Top Philanthropic Effort” by SUP magazine. MarketWired
  • May 10th 2016 – Distribution as a Service (DaaS) Emerges as the Distribution Platform Access Wire Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTCPK: AVOZ) is pleased to announce the addition of Musgrove Distribution Inc. to the AVOZ family. Musgrove will use Distribution as a Service (DaaS) offerings, which includes placement of physical entertainment goods into AVOZ’s cataloging system, Venue & general SoundScan Report services, as well as others from the AltaCarte offerings.
  • Apr. 29th 2016 – Altavoz Announces Name & Ticker Symbol Change And Satisfaction of Key Condition Access Wire Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. “AVOZ,” (OTCPINK: AVOZ), On March 20th FINRA approval of our change of company name and stock ticker symbol Effective March 20th, the Company’s common shares will commence trading on the OTC Bulletin Board pinks, under the trading symbol “AVOZ” (OTCPINK: AVOZ), and The previous name was Max Media Group, Inc. and trading symbol was “MXMI”(OTCPINK: MXMI)
  • Feb. 4th, 2016 – Max Media Group is Expanding It’s Partners and Stockholders
  • Access Wire is pleased to announce* the following consultant and partners: Frank Rubba, Jose, Indian Antao, Geordie Gillespie, and Jeffrey Salmon as stockholders in our Artists Owned Public company now forming in the Nation’s Capital.


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  • Sep 25th, 2015 –CEO Michael Manocchio of Max Media Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MXMI) is pleased to announce that The Board Of Directors unanimously voted to transfer majority control of Max Media Group, Altavoz Entertainment. Marketwatch
  • July 9th, 2015 – The gospel music market is one of the most exciting of all the genre today; which is partly why Altavoz launched the GospelMusicDeal PRLog
  • May 18th, 2015 – Altavoz announces Exclusive Library Release (TM) PRLOG
  • May 12, 2015 – PRLog — Assigning the Public Key to list of data fields currently collected and montiered by DDex, 425File, SuperFile, and VSDA plus any unforseen formats will protect the creators and ensure this new age of the blockchain is embraced by the Music Biz, moreover Altavoz looks forward to discussing this during the ‘s Third Annual Meta Data Summit in Nashville Tuesday May 12th.
  • May 8th, 2015: Altavoz announces School Music Deal(TM) PRLOG
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