What Sets Altavoz Apart


We’ll help you create your unique brand identity and sell it.


Indie at Heart

We are truly an indie at heart. While we compete at the same level and provide the same output as others in the industry, we do it with an indie perspective. We are flexible and nimble, and put control in the hands of the artists, allowing them to make their own unique mark and collect well-deserved dues. At the core of our personal and business ideals is a premium service for our suppliers and artists – it’s what we call, Distribution as a Service (DaaS).


Artist Development

Our goal is to be more than just a traditional sales and distribution service. We are THE out-of-the-box solution provider featuring integrated marketing techniques that take artists beyond today and into tomorrow. We help artists evolve with the changing industry, paying particular attention to up-and comers, giving them the support they need to become “tour and store” ready. Our help positions artists and their releases through forward-thinking initiatives, advice on artist and brand merchandise strategies, and unique social media opportunities that build your fan base and increase sales potential.


Premium Service with Personal Attention

We don’t focus on one genre, which gives our sales reps the ability to work across retail partners and channels, no matter the specialty or size. This diversity drives our strong relationships with major chain domestic accounts, one stops, and independents, as well as with digital and international partners. Our state-of-the-art website provides interactive catalogs, artist and label news and updates, new release information, as well as a dashboard for suppliers to monitor their sales, marketing and promotion activity.


Geocentric Retail Placement

Altavoz offers a real-time awareness capability that aggregates and analyzes industry and internal data into a “Fan Heat Map” giving our suppliers and retail partners actionable, strategic sales and marketing intelligence on each product, down to the zip code. This data will be augmented by our Buying This™ app that will allow consumers to notify their friends, Altavoz, and retailers that they are interested in a product. This means stores get product they know can sell, and the label gets fewer returns. We offer labels access to this meta-data so that they can best plan bookings for tours, branding events, special performances, and more.


Community and Charitable Connections

With an always-open heart, we are proud to lend a hand to charitable causes in local communities and around the world. By using the sales of entertainment product to support good causes, our artists, suppliers and partners help provide much needed funds that make a difference and improve lives. Connecting with your community will increase your presence, galvanize a loyal cadre of fans, and give them another reason to champion you and your music.

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