Wes Wammer

Wes Wammer
Music intrigued Wes Wammer ever since he received his first guitar at the age of 15. Unbeknownst to the California native at the time, this gift would be the ambition for a lifelong love of creating music. Although Wes had several jobs over the years, his love for country music expanded as his guitar skills improved.

Wes started his first band, TEXAS GOLD, in 1981. The band played county fairs and opened for such acts as Vince Gill, Johnny Rodriguez, Eddie Raven, Johnny Paycheck, Lacy Dalton, and many others from L.A. to San Francisco.

Wes moved to Nashville in 1988 to further his career in music. It was in Nashville that he met major artists and songwriters who would further influence his career. He befriended artists such as Waylon Jennings and his brother Tommy, and Tanya Tucker. Johnny Rodriguez, whom Wes had opened for four years prior, invited Wes to go on the road and open for him.

Wes’s friendship with the iconic Joe and Rose lee Maphis family led to performing on stage on several occasions in Nashville.

With the local contacts Wes had made, he was invited to do a two-song session with some of Nashville’s “A-team” musicians at Cowboy Jack Clements’ studio. Two of Wes’s favorite songs came out of that session, including, “Waylon’s at the Gate“and “Lillie’s White Lies.” However, to Wes and many of his friends’ dismay, the studio burned to the ground, and the only recorded remains of Wes’s session was a hard drive with “Waylon’s at the Gate.”

Altavoz is pleased to announce that new music from Wes will be coming in 2018.

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