Veterans Music Distribution Deal


Altavoz Entertainment has always been a strong supporter of world peace, but at the same time recognizes that the young men and women who serve our nation in the US Armed forces (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy ) often face a tougher road in the entertainment business than non serving artists, bands and music labels. Altavoz wants to do our part to help our Veterans by giving them a chance to tell their story.

“Having talked with fellow elementary school dad Andre Jones, who happens to be the owner of a record label and is a veteran, I realized that his stories and the sounds Dodge City Records represents are meaningful. They give all of us an unvarnished look at life in the military service. Andre expresses his experiences through his music and gives us an opportunity to enjoy his message in song.” Nelson Jacobsen, CEO Altavoz, Inc.

Altavoz now offers Veteran discounts on all of our services from Independent Entertainment Distribution to Venue SoundScan, College Radio promotions and a special package of promotional tools from
Veterans artists or bands will get a 50% discount on their release set up fees for their single, EP or LP. Label owners that are veterans will receive a 40% discount on set up fees for anything that Altavoz distributes. Any services not originating at Altavoz Entertainment will be full price.

In addition to the distribution services, Altavoz is teaming up with QastMe to help new suppliers get a solid foundation in their marketing promotion. QastMe’s proprietary new system offers search engine optimization and mass communication via traditional press channels and all of the major social media applications, giving you more exposure in one easy step.

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