USA Music Distribution

Welcome import partners to Altavoz Family. We are very aware of the potential to successfully sells of foreign entertainment into the US Markets. And, have learned that partnering our brands will be a Win Win Win and that just about any group that can make it over here Altavoz believes deserves a shot at Distribution.

Since, Altavoz as established itself on groundbreaking entertainment with the largest retailers in the USA Bonus Version of Goldheart To being on the biggest shows.
Quinn on JF We don’t have to sell it because we know that great entertainment tells a story and that is what Altavoz sells the Story of your entertainment the rest is just really hard work that we all do together.
The only way to get into the US Entertainment market is via a distribution deal like Altavoz’s or We can handle special label arrangements like Imprint services, SocialMedia monitoring and FanHeatMapping to help plan focused US Tours and visits and even get your releases APMPED to every store that carries physical goods at the lowest Shipping Rate.
Please send written proposals to:
Altavoz, Inc.
622 Hungerford Dr. STE 2
Rockville, MD 20850
Location GITN: 0632467000004

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