The Honor Man

July 1st, 2016 available as MODM

“John Brendan Aloysius Looney was born to Kevin and Maureen Looney on February 24, 1981 in Southern Maryland. The oldest of six, Brendan was named after his Grandfather John Aloysius Looney and Throughout grade school, Brendan played football, basketball and baseball. From the very beginning, Brendan knew what it meant to work hard both on and off the field. He expected 100% from himself and encouraged others to give the same. For Brendan, laziness was not an option. There were always goals to reach and missions to accomplish. It was this approach to life that inspired others and became the guiding principles of his life.

Brendan’s love of athletics followed him from childhood to his father’s alma mater DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD. Brendan was part of a DeMatha family legacy that included eight of his uncles. Brendan’s two brothers and numerous cousins have since followed suit. At DeMatha, Brendan was a decorated athlete in football and baseball. He also played DeMatha basketball and ran track. As captain and team MVP, Brendan led the 1998 DeMatha Football team to national rankings and was recruited by the United State Navel Academy NSNA his senior year. Upon graduating from the USNA, In May 2004, Brendan graduated from the Naval Academy and was commissioned as an Ensign. He began his naval career as an Intelligence officer, and was deployed first to Korea and then Iraq. Upon completion of those tours, Brendan requested and was given a lateral transfer to Naval Special Warfare community in 2006, where he earned the right to attend Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, known as BUDS. BUDS training is considered the most grueling and demanding military training in the world. Each BUD/S class starts with approximately 290 men and an average 10 men make it through to graduation.

This is reflected by SEALs motto, which is “The only Easy Day was Yesterday.” Brendan joined his fellow BUD/S selectees in Coronado, CA as part of Class 265 in 2007. Brendan graduated from BUD/S in June 2008 and was bestowed with the highest honor a BUD/S graduate can receive, being named “Honor Man.” This distinction is given to the best graduate in each class. Upon graduation from BUDS Brendan was assigned to SEAL Team THREE.”

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About the release.

As a documentary was being prepared about this incredible story of Brendon Looney (See the Youtube Video) the school that was the catalyst for Brendan and his two other brothers DeMatha Catholic High School, the facility, staff and friends which helping to make this documentary decided to put together a soundtrack from the roots of Brendan’s Irish and Military upbringing and this communities and the world as a whole collective loss all reflected in “The Honor Man”. Fetchers 19 tracks giving us a story, rendition and ode to the greatness of Brendan’s life. So to ensure this model tale of valor is wide known. The Honor Man will now being released digitally and physical to every store, library and content partner that wants to be part of this great still unfolding story.

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The proceeds of this are earned by DeMatha Catholic High School to support Brendon Looney’s Scholarships under our 1st School Music Deal(TM) and simple by the sales, streaming and library checkouts that the fans of this story, Irish music and DeMatha can now however they want to be BuyingThis(TM) our DaaS service ensure that obtention retailers are aware of the Fan Heat Map for this or any release.

Ultimately what and how DeMatha and AltavozEntmt make physical (Blu-ray, Cassette, CD, DVD, Vinyl) the fans of this release and DeMatha will help to determine this part of the music production equation. And, the when, where and how it goes out is what our experience and technology can offer DeMatha or your school. What does this mean? In our Model, Before a single unit is made let alone shipped — AltavozEntmt’s ability to offer pre-sales (,,,, and all tied to our collective collection intelligences about this release and thus an informed whole supply chain is now able to see the Market for this and offer a pinpiont distribution solution.

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DeMatha Catholic High School, named after Saint John of Matha, is a four-year Catholic high school for young men located in Hyattsville, Maryland (, USA ( DeMatha is known for its excellence in academics, music, arts, and athletics. DeMatha is a member of the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference, and is under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington. For more information, visit

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