New Uses for Old iPods

Sometimes things get old, that’s just the way life is. So you get a newer version of it. But then the question becomes, “what to do with the old one?” Well in the case of iPod’s, you re-purpose them…*puts on sunglasses*…with a new purpose.


While iPods have been recognized as the premier music listening device of the current generation, its uses go far beyond that.

These things are crazy useful. It has way more capabilities than storing and listening to music. They are a super-slim, substantial storage device that can go into anything with a USB port. It also has a headphone jack and a tiny, convenient screen. Even the older generations will have its uses, though some things on this list may not work for them.

Make it a Flash Card Player


For those students cramming before a test or an employee getting ready for a big presentation, flash cards are a helpful device to aid in memorizing information. But not everyone has time to make these by hand and there is always the threat of losing that one card that somehow ends up being the most important. Your iPod can be a much more convenient way to carry your memory-boosting flash cards around. Mac OSX Hints has a thorough guide to transforming Keynote slides into iPod-ready picture slides, but any slide presentation maker that can export slides to picture files can create a folder that you simply sync up to your iPod. For straight-up words and definitions, this is a handy tool.

Instant Stereo

Top 10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPod

simple, cheap, and fulfills a need

All you need for this handy-dandy trick are speakers. Your music is still on your iPod, just put it on shuffle and let the music play whenever. It will be convenient too because you won’t have to go get it or remember where you left it if you want music. You can also make playlists and have music ready for any occasion. No need to switch or shift through cds. This is a cheap, effective solution to those who need some music in the home.

Portable Reference Machine (For Those Without a Smartphone)

Oh Wikipedia, always there when I need you.

Next time you are casually chatting with someone and an unexpected argument ensues about what the last movie Johnny Depp was in that wasn’t directed by Tim Burton (It was an uncredited role on 21 Jump Street, the 2012 remake), be sure to have your trusty iPod on you. The fully fledged encyclopedia project can put the majority of Wikipedia’s useful articles on your iPod without messing up its main functions. iPod Bartender puts just what you think it might into your player, and those who don’t like printing or lugging a laptop into their kitchen just for recipe reference should take a look at PodGourmet.