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Charting Music

Further setting Altavoz apart from other IndieDistro.Biz offerings ~ charting Indie Music on Billboard. MTPockets Records: Voices, The Empty Pockets Our partners in digital distro, @altavozentmt helped us reach new heights. Helloooo @billboardbiz sales chart positions! Damn!!! #indiemusic pic.twitter.com/DhuLqTqrGH Voices; The Empty Pockets (@theemptypockets) September 21, 2017 Vara Records: Word to The Wise, John Bull…

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Illegal Downloading = Less Musicians

Felix Oberholzer-Gee of Harvard Business School and Koleman Strumpf of UNC Chapel Hill (now at the University of Kansas) once claimed in a 2004 paper that file-sharing did not have a measurable effect on recorded music sales. Since then though, they have reversed their claims in their 2010 paper, stating now for a fact that, yes, illegal…

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