Solve Your Physical Distribution Needs

You worry about the music, we’ll worry about getting it into stores

Focus on what you do best

As a part of a music label, you got into the business because you love music. You love making it, you love hearing it, you love seeing your artists perform and move along the road to success. What you didn’t sign up for was the endless contracts, negotiations, and roadblocks on the way to actually selling that music and seeing a paycheck. You know that 52% of all music sales are physical sales through retail stores, but it’s an absolute nightmare to get your music in those stores. That’s where Altavoz comes in.

The Altavoz Difference

We’ll take your CD and put it on shelves for a flat fee and a flat commission. This may sound overly simplified to most, but you’ve tried to go down that road before. You know that you can’t just walk into a Wal-Mart and ask them to put your CD on the shelf, you know that you can’t get in with the one-stops, you know that in order to sell your CD, you have to settle for a half dozen middlemen and margins thinner than the razor you shave with. On the other hand, Altavoz has direct relationships with the one-stops as well as independent retailers. You don’t have 20 years to develop inroads with retailers, but we did and you get to reap those rewards. Hit the link, fill out the form, and we’ll give you a call about how we can let you focus on music, your real passion.


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