Altavoz is an independent, full-service direct distributor offering a wide range of physical and digital services including warehousing, inventory management, marketing/promotion, global distro, and exclusive packaging, manufacturing and distribution deals to music, film, book, video and other suppliers.


PHYSICAL SERVICES With the majority of sales coming from physical distribution of product, we are committed to placing your product in brick and mortar retailers from indie shops to chains

Retail Distribution: Altavoz provides full physical distribution services for CD, vinyl, DVD, BluRay, and book products to over 1,000 national and local accounts in the U.S. We partner with Planetworks to fulfill select physical good needs globally.

EXPORT We’re covering the globe

International Distribution: We are committed to putting your product on store shelves worldwide. We work with suppliers to tailor regional placement that meets your global needs. Our goal is to maximize your market penetration an ensure strong revenue streams for you. Our vendor partnerships ensure product reaches far and wide to fulfill regional distribution needs. Both physical and digital, our international arm supplies products to distributors in foreign markets by way of licensing, traditional distribution arrangements, or straight sales.

DIGITAL SERVICES We ensure your product is placed on leading online and mobile stores worldwide

Digital Distribution to Retail: Our digital arm will distribute your content (music, video, or film) to all the digital retailers and see your sales grow, your tour numbers increase, and most importantly your creative output gets the audience it deserves! Includes worldwide digital distribution, consolidated monthly royalty and sales reports, storage and encoding for all your content, pre-negotiated deals with the leading online and mobile services, promo only services available, video ringtone creation, strategic marketing packages geared toward the specific needs of your music, film or video content.

Retail Distribution: Our digital arm will also distribute to all leading online and mobile stores worldwide. We can secure licenses for cover songs, give you the ability to opt in and out of specific retailers, and review and export monthly sales reports for all retailers….all along with a human touch and personalized service.

Mobile Service: Take advantage of the mobile program to expand visibility in the mobile space through Ringtones, Ringbacks, Wallpapers, and full track downloads. Set up a direct-to-fan estore and allow fans to go directly to where they can shop and securely purchase your product.

Film and Video: Our digital arm will digitally distribute your content to the widest variety of online and mobile services available in today’s market. Whether you’re a large entertainment conglomerate or a first time filmmaker, we are your key to content monetization and global recognition.

eStore Management and Fulfillment: Ask us how we can build, manage and maintain your Official eStore showcasing all your cds and merchandise.

MARKETING AND PROMOTION Altavoz’s strong team of retail promoters can put a release that has no past history with buyers on the map, help it gain exposure and increase sales of the release

Retail Marketing Campaigns: A major marketing push directly to retail store buyers and managers uses social and traditional media, phone and in-person sales calls, events and guerilla marketing.

Publicity Tours: To ensure fans know where to buy your product, we will work with you to develop and execute multiple market tours around the launch of your product, a book tour or other events that will heighten visibility of your brand and support retail sales efforts.

Radio: We can help you promote your single to DJs and radio programmers either through traditional methods or “earned” opportunities. As us if your release is ready for our radio promotion services.

Social Media: Do you have a battle-tested framework? We’ll help you solidify your online presence and integrate it cogently with that of retailers and other partners to ensure expanded visibility and increased sales.

Specialized Partners: Altavoz has established “favored” relationships with established entertainment vendors for our suppliers. Our Specialized Partners offer discounted services including Marketing/PR Solutions, Design/Artwork, Warehousing, Manufacturing, and more to our suppliers.

Wait, there’s more! For further information on our services or pricing options contact or call 301-309-9722.

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