The School Music Deal(TM) is now available for every school in the USA..

Press Release

Any school, from elementary schools to colleges and universities across the nation, now has the opportunity to sign up for AltavozEntmt’s School Music Deal(™) program. Our founders as parents have sat through our first class recital and many great performances. With many parents we’re know getting to watch their child competing in national and international school competitions. If your like us, and we’re not alone, how great it would be to pick up a copy of the performance at our favorite local stores or online services and know that the school will get the benefit of the sales. Just think about the look on the conductors, music teachers or principles face at the end of the performance when they get to say.

Ladies and Gentleman, parents, family and friends if you enjoyed this performance or musical and want to get a copy of it thanks to Altavoz Entmt it is now available to download, stream and in stores in the area and Public Libraries.

Just like deals for artists, bands and labels, AltavozEntmt is now offering to all schools the first of it’s kind School Music Deal(TM). And! here’s the deal part. All certified schools** will receive a 50% discount off our Digital and Physical Distribution Deal and any services from DaaS.

Once the music or entertainment release has been ingested into our systems and the online and physical buyers catalogs, Any store can sell it and the Schools will get the Majority of the sales. Deals split can vary; However in every case the Schools will always get the Majority of the wholesale price of each release sold. Altavoz is also pleased to include the Library Distribution Deal(TM) to each school which means that starting digitally and moving to physical local public libraries will be able to carry it’s local schools music via our CityMusicDeal(TM) program’s

On top of that every school that signs up will be given a unique number that Schools can share with students, alumni and friends of the school that also make music and when they sign up for any of Altavoz’s services the school will be given a finders fee.

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**Certified School means that it’s a recognized educational institution (normally denoted with an .edu domain) from the city, country or state where it resides and any governing board that may accredit schools for given it’s role in the community at large.


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