Protest Music Distribution Deal

Altavoz is offering any and all protest music a distribution deal. That’s right if you’ve got something to sing in protest about, Altavoz figures that our distribution network is a great place for you to place it. To make this deal the best possible Altavoz is offering it’s DaaS.Company pricing on Distribution as a Service.

Now all artists, bands and labels need to do is pick which of our DaaS services they’d like to use.

  1. $100
  2. #500 includes MODM

The music submitted will be check, while we’re not going to censor anyone’s work, they are times when a project is not right for Altavoz and as a public company our duty is now to the public and management intends to work for Public Good and will reserve the right to turn down the opportunity to distribute any and all projects. for to a followup. A sign up form will be posted shortly.