Some changes are coming to Altavoz as we emerge into a Public reporting, digital, physical, global market force for US Made Music mean while doing so as transparent as possible. Namely more paperwork, wish we’re just kidding, however it’s for the better of all like the “The OTC Quote Widget ” as described — “is a simple and free IR web tool designed to help your company provide real-time quotes to your investors on your corporate website”– and now it’s on our main page as we’re interested in all aspect of open data. Think of it as data catnip for investors.

And! now that we’re at the point of Filing an S1 with the SEC; the point of filing the updated financials, cleaning up the Max Media Group, Inc MXMI nonfiling or even in standing in NV company and turning it into Altavoz Entertainment, Inc (OTC:AVOZ) reporting to all the agencies that we now have to make sure that suppliers and investors are both protected making AVOZ a winning investment for all parties.

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