Altavoz’s entertainment data will be published on a blockchain

As an AltaData company Altavoz is excited to announce that all of our entertainment data will be published to an open data project called the Entertainment Public Blockchain and you can learn more about it here EntmtPublic Altavoz is supporting EntmtPublic because we see the potential to change the whole nature of entertainment with Chain Contracts, Public Private Keys, Meta Data and more. Altavoz will be pitching this to OneTraction.VC March 21st at Stanford Labs in Silicon Valley. Further details to come.

2019 Summer/Fall catalog is now open for submissions.
Altavoz is pleased to announce that our Spring/Fall catalog is now open for submissions. As part of our traditional wholesale services the catalog is distributed to tens of thousands entertainment retailers made available for EDI (electronic Data Interchange) reaching thousands more worldwide and now the EPB (Entertainment Public Blockchain).

Raising our services and prices
In order to stay competitive in the area of distribution given all the mergers and sales (UNI for sale $50 billion, UNI buys Ingrooves $100 million, Spotify buys part of DistroKid undisclosed ownership & price, and Soundcloud is being a distributor Altavoz is adding new staff & services to further set our apart for the others and in-order to do all of this Altavoz is having to raise the #DaaS pricing. Please ask your AltaRep for details or check our website.

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