Official USA USA SelfieStick
UPC 632467000998 Please note new UPC
SLP 24.99

Atlavoz is pleased to announce that it’s teamed up with to ensure that our retail partners are getting the opportunity to be part of the selfieStick craze that took off at the end of last year. For those that don’t know a selfieStick is a telescoping pole that allows you to attach your phone and small camera to it and remotely control the Camera Zoom, not all models of camera, and Camera Shutter
Since we’re a store centric company getting our retail partners from the Mom & Pop to the Mass Merchants the opportunity that Altavoz is planning for the selfiestick and clearly the 1st picture has to be in the Music store just to prove to the world or at least your timeline that you know like Prince, that Music is important.
Shortly a onesheet from Altavoz will be going out to store and in the meantime any rush or special orders (2000) please give us a call 800-229-3764.

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