20130116_183450I know that in 2013 that most of the people reading this will have assumed that every single store that sells music has relocated to the internetwork and boarded up their physical locations.   However! we take great pleasure in saying that it just ain’t so.   Altavoz a, Montgomery County based business has been for the last two years building up a presence distributing entertainment products espcially in the physical retail marketplace;  And, we are now getting a chance to bring one of our biggest recording stars to the area for an old fashion in person CD signing.

Now in true Altavoz fashion we’re not just inviting Dawn’s fans to this event we’er asking members of Montgomery County Counsel and Office of Economic Development, as well as Maryland officials to come by and see for themselves the power of music.  Since this is our industry we already know why we’re involved and it seems that we’re not alone in thinking that music is more then a service that appears in the background of daily life for FREE.   Just look at what the City of Seattle and King County, WA. have recently embarked upon.  ” A new plan to raise awareness of the economic impact of music, the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce announced its plan last night at the Triple Door to propel Seattle’s music community and industry to the forefront of a rapidly expanding creative economy.” www.bit.ly/seattlemusicpro

Why did Seattle do this.  Well it might be the 2.2 billion dollars in revenue that Music brings in or the 20 thousand jobs, or the fact that recorded music is a market that the USA developed and it’s part of our culture and fabric,  Who’ knows what really got them interested, and who cares.  We’re just happy that someone in GOV has a clue as to the impact on USMADEMUSIC in their community and around the world and we look forward to seeing what our local Gov can and will do going forward.

Here’s the detail of the FYE instore

Saturday Feb 23rd 2013

f.y.e. Lakeforest Mall –

701 Russell Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 

2-4 pm.

Starting at 10am on Saturday, February 23, be one of the first 120 fans to purchase Dawn Richard’s new CD, Goldenheart, at the Lakeforest Mall f.y.e. store and you’ll receive a wristband that gains you access to the autograph signing at 2pm!Ask an f.y.e. employee for details!

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