Manufacturing on Demand Music
Model: DaaS
Product ID: MODM

This new approach to manufacturing will also our whole supply cycle to truly use the BuyingThis(TM) capabilities of Altavoz to pinpoint and deploy physical music in nearly in real time – based upon our Fan Heat Map and pre-sales from and Walmart is part of our promise of being the Future of Entertainment Today(TM).

What is MODM Simply ship us or digitally transmit printer-spread paginated artwork, that is stored in our print-ready reproduction process; include music in WAV or FLAC formats, choose a Template format give us the permission to offer this Dic-on-Demand services in the form of album burns to Redbook CD (meaning only one burn may be provided to purchasing consumer per sale of said album) and we’re ready to go into mass production from 1-100000.

MODM for our Libary Distribution Deal(TM) and School Music Deal(TM) partners moves the conversation from should we to why not. The risk is asymmetric to the advantage. Since Altavoz has already seen the power of having product in the digital and physical music ecosystems. Making it happen when and only there is a demand is the next logical step.

MOD maintains the fire and viability of physical CD’s by preserving and expanding the titles currently available to consumers today.
This is truly unprecedented for large catalog owners of labels that are running on dreams and shoestrings.

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