Local to Global

Local to Global

Ability to go from our CityMusicDeal(TM) CityMusicDealto digital | physical | global distribution is only offered by a very few US companies. Altavoz has been an exporter and leader for USMADEMUSIC Since 2013 with the Global Hit GoldenHeart, and quite a few of unknown Indie bands that where making vinyl with the rise of the Vinyl rebirth.

Exporting music (Trade Category 334612

Is something that Altavoz does. We’ve taken steps with with several US agencies as well as using our location in Washington, DC to reach out to administration, diplomitic, govermental, and NGO’s that all support Hire American, Buy American and Altavoz has always make it know that Buy Indie Support Locals was the way to go.


Starting in the 3rd Quarter Altavoz will return to exporting independent US MADE Music to the World. Please contact your CityMusicDeal Ambassadors to learn about this Local2.Global opportunity presented only by Altavoz Entertainment your LocaltoGlobal.co

Please contact your CityMusicDeal(TM) reps for more information