Theo Sampel is a local DMV artist who is worthy of your attention.  You may have seen him at the bar he manages, Cities Restaurant and Lounge.  However, managing Cities is not Sampel’s claim to fame.  Perfecting his craft for more than a decade, Theo has a hypnotizing voice and awesome mastery of the guitar.

Some fans liken Theo’s vocals to the haunted charm found in Thom Yorke of Radiohead, but with a touch of David Bowie’s deep, pained, voice.  The album is particularly refreshing  to hear today as many artists have steered away from the tortured, yet soothing sound that Sampel This embodies.  Other big name musicians such as Marc Capponi (Piano/Keys), Dajando Smith (Bass Guitar), and Tom Barrick (Percussion) are on the album.

It is definitely worth giving a  listenSampel This is available for purchase on iTunes (linked below).  Physical copies are available at Crooked Beat Records in Washington, DC and will be available at more physical retailers soon!

Learn more about Theo Sampel:

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