Library Distribution Deal

Library Distribution Deal

Altavoz offers a digital & physical distribution option for a supplier to get entertainment to US and Canadian Public Libraries.

Digital Music, Books & Videos

Get album releases digitally into Public Libraries digital via Hoopla Digital

  • $100 setup fee/title with 100% of splits, royalties, till 1000th downloads with splits 90/10%
  • Physical Music Only.

    Get listed in Midwest Tape’s catalog and online ordering platform for physical CD’s where Public Libraries can order your CD. This is similar to retail distribution where marketing to the libraries and promotions to the public to go to them is part of the Physical Distribution Deal.

  • $375 setup fee doesn’t include MODM & supplier must ship to Midwest Tape (Holland, Ohio) FOB. 70% of splits, royalties, for 2 years.
  • $175 setup Manufacture on Demand Music (MODM), instead of third party manufacturer.
  • Please use our Online Form or Call 800-229-3764

    Public Library entertainment distribution deal
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