Label Setup Service Deal

With with a few decades of handling record labels we’ve see the new and the old in more iterations than most companies — besides the venture capitalist that fund music and the Major Indies. Altavoz, who pioneered the Artists Band Label get’s distribution model, and our market agree that having a solid record labels for todays media distributed crazed world is this the way to go. See our post back in 2014 about the need for DIY to Die

Today an artists band or group needs to have a Label behind them or they will find that there is no room or admittance for them into many of the ecosystem like itunes, Public Libraries and Spotify let alone store that carry physical goods. The need for a Label is paramount and for Altavoz it just made sense to establish a service that help our suppliers conform to the demands of today’s entertainment business.

For a 1 time fee $3000 Altavoz will setup the basic structure, deals, IP, and best practices. This includes access to well know and respected lawyer, one of the leaders in larger indie/major deals and of course Altavoz distribution experts. For a limited time Altavoz is offering a @15 discount to our Label Boot Camp(TM).

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