Altavoz’s Jazz Music Deal

Welcome to the Jazz music deal from Altavoz Entertainment into our distribution footprint of over 2000 digital partners, worldwide, 10,000 US based physical retailers and 120,000 US Public Libraries. This deal will enable Jazz artists bands and labels to ensure that their releases are in a clicks to bricks distribution situation.
Presently, Altavoz is looking for in this order:

  • Distributors, Catalog Rights holders via #DaaS
  • Labels, Producers Suppliers with own organization network of at least 100 members
  • Exceptional Artists, Bands Groups with a catalog of at least 3 releases with digital and physical rights.
  • Traveling artists that tours and have finished music
  • Other forms of entertainment ~ books, movies, videos 3rd quarter 2016
If your feel that your entertainment product is ready for the markets that Altavoz serves; Please contact us 800-229-3764