CEO,Nelson Jacobsen, will be meeting in MD Congressman’s Van Hollen’s office today October 14, to advocate for several issue that are important for the music community in general and specifically for US Made Music such as supporting the development, exporting and safeguarding of creators intellectual property. Here are the main points from the Grammy’s.

Music makers are in every district in the country, including yours. You may be one person, but you’re representing every songwriter, performer, studio professional, and member of the music industry in your community.

The current music licensing system is a patchwork of outdated rate setting systems. Congress must reform music licensing to provide fair market pay for all music creators across all platforms.

H.Con.Res.16, the “Local Radio Freedom Act,” is a harmful and misleading resolution that serves as an obstacle to real reform. Do not co-sponsor this resolution in the next Congress. (Find out if your Representative is a co-sponsor of H.Con.Res. 16 by checking here.)


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