The Gamification of Music


Is something Altavoz takes very seriously and have been working on an Alta.Version of it for a new Record Label that is coming into the AltavozFamily.

So what is the this gamification? For music biz folks it’s easy a sell. When says I’m BuyingThis(TM) we don’t need to wait to street date or a presale link is live. We can ask the fans or the crowd who or whom they like better if presented with a very different singers. From there once a singer is selected inviting key fans and stakeholders into the recording process or editing to help the producers, artists, and distributors involved draw the straightest arrow between a fans interest and them become part of the CrowdFoundMusic(TM) process that Altavoz is now developing.

If your interested in being part of the this Alta.Version, please contact us victorylane @ music tryouts .com

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