At Altavoz, we bring the best in independent entertainment products to retailers worldwide. We have a proprietary “clicks-to-bricks” solution that allows us to take clicks and use them to pinpoint bricks — geocentric data that tells us which product or artist will sell the best, down to the neighborhood. View our catalog at or via the NARM EDI.

Altavoz enjoys accounts with leading mom&pop retailers, well-known “Indie” store chains as well as important digital outlets and market our products directly to 1,000+ stores. As part of our International Entertainment Syndicate, we have strong relationships with other distributors such as Super D, PlanetWorks and, that deepen our reach and provide our suppliers an expanded platform for visibility and sales.

For more information on our general trading terms, for a copy of our catalog or to set up an account, contact Alex Gohl at 301-956-8742 (301-95MUSIC) or