Financed Distribution


Financed Distribution Deal

No Upfront Cost with Sliding payout scale. Altavoz Entmt will offer an advanced payment option via a third party Financed Entertainment Co (FEC) on the established Digital & Physical Distribution Deals offered {D3, PD2, DPD2} which will allow the signup to leverage limited budgets for releases and back-catalog on distribution setup fees.

Once the Total Loan, is recovered for FEC and Altavoz Entmt & partners a 50/50 split of the wholesale price between AltavozEntmt and Supplier until sales reach fifteen thousand (15,000) Total Units Sold in each case splits change to 45/55. After sales of twenty five thousand (25,000) splits change to 40/60. After fifty thousand (50,000) splits change to 35/65. After sales of one hundred thousand (100,000) splits change to 30/70 With the supplier getting the bulk of the best sellers as they should.

The Financed Distribution Deal covers setup fees only and does not included Label Boot Camp(TM) or in-stores marketing funds. Supplier will select the services needs total the price and add five percent (5% + Libor) for a Total Loan amount and no discounts can be used on the deal.

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