Physical Distribution Deal

Physical Distribution Deal

Don’t forget about CDs and Vinyl

Ask anybody “in the know” and they’ll be quick to tell you that’s digital distribution is where you should put your music. After all, everybody gets their music through iTunes, and nobody bothers with physical media. That’s common knowledge. Of course, it’s also completely false. The truth is, 52% of all music sales in 2013 were either CDs or vinyls, sold at your average retail store. And more importantly, physical music has a higher margin, meaning that more money finds its way to your pocket if you sell a CD than if you sold that same album online. So why doesn’t anybody know this? Because Sony and EMI prefer things that way. The less money you make, the more money they do. They’re afraid that if you are given the chance to be successful, you’ll take money away from their artists. But don’t you think you deserve that chance?

The Altavoz Difference

We think you deserve that chance. The big labels are out to wring every penny out of artists, but we don’t think that the music business has to be that way. We think that it is better to be partners with our artists, rather than adversaries. We don’t think it’s right to conjure up contracts hundreds of pages long just to confuse people. We’re out to help artists, not use them until there’s nothing left. Hit the link and fill out the form, and we’ll give you a call about how we can get your music to your fans, and get your money into your pocket in the process.


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