Altavoz, Inc. (Distributor) is offering a (DP2) for fee of $750.00 per Artists, Band or Label referred to now as (Supplier). In return the Supplier grants the Distributor the license to distribute your music via Digital & Physical technology partners – also known as “Sub­Distributors”.

Distributor will payout 65% to Supplier.

Suppliers are responsible for any mechanical or other royalties due on any cover songs or songs otherwise written or published by someone other than you.

Suppliers agree that if we place your music for sale with our partners – you will let us manage those accounts and you will not set up a direct account with our partners during the term. Any existing accounts need to be identified at start of this agreement.

Suppliers will benefit from any marketing we do to promote the sale of this release through our partners! We will be able to use your name & likeness for marketing & promotional purposes, therefore Supplier grants the Distributor the right to use images, likeness, and sounds and will make them available to Distributor in a timely fashion.

Term of license is for 24 months and will automatically renew unless either party terminates with at least 30 days written notice. Upon notice, termination would occur at end of term.

Any dispute or claim arising out of this Agreement, any aspect of the creation, validity, interpretation, breach, or termination of this agreement, will be submitted to binding arbitration to be held in Rockville, Maryland, before a panel of three arbitrators.

Notices. All notices required or permitted under this Agreement will be in writing and will be delivered or mailed certified return receipt requested to the respective parties at the addresses set forth below the name and signatures,

Physical Digital Distro Deal 1

Physical Digital Distro Deal 2

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