Digital Physical Distribution Deal


Through this service, Indie musicians, bands and labels have a full solution for musical releases that will be marketed to digital and physical retailers, as well as global distribution via our export trading partners.

This deal includes: setup in all the major music files viewed by over 10,0000 retailers, and 2000 digital partners & outlets worldwide, an presale link, up to 3 UPC’s, and 21 ISRC codes. Artists and bands will be eligible for placement in the 120,000 Public Libraries. Additionally, each releases and artists/band will get a feature placement on the main website, blogs and social media.

Altavoz and it’s partners will ensure each release will be available to everyone in the music business that buys music. The way this deal is engineered suppliers are in the system and can use your marketing money for in-stores campaigns and your promotion money goes to driving fans to the Presale links including and that offer presale and online stores setup with is also the fastest way to prove to them that they should carry physical copies of the release in stores. Which mean in-store appearance opportunities for the artists and bands as well as cross-marketing with local retailers for tickets to shows and other artists related activities including your charitable activities. (see below the on top of all this too w/butter part)

What does Altavoz offer for sales.

For the first 1000 units sold Altavoz and you split the sales 50/50 for units 1001 -5000 splits move to 40/60 with the suppliers now starting to get more for the increased work it takes to get fans to go from saying I’m BuyingThis(tm) to actually doing it. Sales from 5001-10,000 splits move to 35/65. And anything over 10 K splits are 30/70 …. This is for two years.

After two years if you want to remain in the Altavoz Family and available for opportunities like Record Store Day, Black Friday Sales or CyberMonday then we’ll talk then. It should be know up front that it will take at least 8 months for any release to make it from street date, through retail sales and returns before Altavoz will even get paid.

No payments will happen until at least 100 units in any combination are sold. Altavoz will offer reports via a new system coming on line via our new partners (announcement coming soon) and we’ll be offering a number of payment options (announcement coming soon)

A full contract is executed upon payment and receipt of your application for Distribution. However it’s important to note that Altavoz uses an arbitration agreement clause which means any disagreement on what is happening has to be handled by the arbitration process. All to often we’ve seen project get stopped because someone has a better lawyer. We’re not saying having one is bad we’re saying having one in a deal after it’s been signed is….Here is a link to learn more about it.

Combines the power of D3 & PD2 DaaS offerings into a digital physical global distribution solution for independent entertainment companies.
Manufactured by:
Model: EP & LB, Vinyl
Product ID: DPD2
$350 for 1st submission then $150 New
With some butter on it…

Altavoz has a unique corporate structures that allows a non-for profit corporation Help Earth Foundation, Inc to be an owner of the company too. With the idea that as Altavoz does well Help Earth can do more of what it does from being part of International Disaster Response and Relief to running local community portals like in for the residents and visitors interested in Adams Morgan to Connect to their Community Online. To learn more about how your music will come to help earth.


This is a future forward statement and this like and investment is a rick and frankly it nothing is guaranteed; Other then Altavoz make sure everyone that wants to buy this release can in any format. This offering doesn’t include LabelBootCamp(TM) however it and any other services can be used together along with any current deals Altavoz is offering via our Distribution as a Service platform.

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