D3~ Digital Distribution Deal

Altavoz is offering hands down the best Digital Distribution Deal!

DaaS allows you to partner with Altavoz and become part of the established wholesale network of distributors, content aggregator and every single digital outlet that matter on the planet: including the Public Library system (There are 120 thousand in the USA and quickly becoming a digital depository for music and books)

Altavoz thinks you deserve that chance. On the digital side of distribution there is simply no one with more experience then the team at Altavoz. (Altavoz.com was established in May of 1995) Plus! We’re out to help artists, not use them until there’s nothing left– even offering a pathway to ownership to our successful label partners. To make that happen for any artists, band or Label, Altavoz is now offering our Digital Distribution Deal

Single (1 track): $250 EP (up to 5 tracks): $375 LP (6 tracks or more): $550

Your music will be on every download, streaming, internet radio, subscription, and music application. 3000+ Digital Retail Partners “DRP” from Amazon, iTunes, Pandora and Spotify to the mobile carriers and international digital distribution hubs.
• You will receive credibility on Youtube, iTunes, and Amazon as a verified account.
• All releases submitted to Soundscan, BDS and Mediabase for sales and streaming tracking.
• You will be added into our online catalog, which is fed to thousands of music retailers and libraries.
• Includes UPC code with ISRC track codes per release.
• For the first 500 sales you get 100% of the streaming royalties and 85% after that.
• All products released by Altavoz must include the Altavoz logo in the artwork. Brand & logo guidelines must be adhered to.

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The Altavoz Difference

Altavoz is a signer of the Fair Distribution Deal Pledge. Which means that we value your work enough and made our pledge public.

here to learn more about Fair Digital Distribution Pledge and the parties behind it

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