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The ability as content aggeraotors that assign or manager Artists, Bands and Labels ISRC, UPC, and manager the uploading of Data of Music into SuperFile, NARMEDI425, HooplaDigital and all following DDEX standards means that Altavoz is in a unique position to watch the flow of data from conception to fans and have been doing since longer than any company on line.

Altavoz 1st showed up at Narm 1995 with a full domain that allowed us by 1996 to supply our stores including BestBuy with the log file information about activity on our website. Which is the ground work for our strategy which has been the hall mark of Altavoz since it restarted in 2011.

Today beyond our participating in global intellectual property efforts, and developing Distribution as a Service #DaaS or which combined with our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) appoach to software for Supply Chain management. When added to BuyingThis(TM) FanHeatMap and MusicTryOuts(TM) Altavoz is now aggregating and collected our own Crowd sourced data. This data combined with the sell thought data, our existing data plus partners data means that the Data of Music is really at our, and soon your, finger tips.

CryptoCurrency Panel During MusicBizLA14

As many are now taking up the mantel of the Blockchain which Altavoz covered during the Panel on CryptoCurrency and Alternative Payments MusicBiz2014 and CEO Nelson Jacobsen blogged about on back in March of 2014. And they like us understand how important to entertainment and in particular music; And, how they can take advantage of the Distributed Automatic Corporation aspects of Crytpo. It won’t take too much research to realise that having these keys encoded from the very start into the music making supply chain so no matter what the format array of audio file types, like AIFF, Blu-Ray, MP3, FLAC, Wav the public and private keys are always with it. Which would allow the DAC part of Crypto to actually work.

To that end will be submitting to the MetaData gather during a proposal to use two of the unused EDI 425 File slot to hold a public and private encryption of key which Altavoz will start to use with our CryptoCurrency the AltavozCoin As Facebook rescently posted

“The amount of traffic from Facebook to Internet – we call it “machine to user” traffic – is large and ever increasing, as more people connect and as we create new products and services.”

What’s involved in generating a Public and Private Key. From something as simple as loving into Terminal on your computer and typing in ssh-keygen -t rsa to bitcoin and other cryptocurrenties the process of generating a key pair (looks like this 0C28FCA386C7A227600B2FE50B7CAE11EC86D3BF1FBE471BE89827E19D72AA1D) one private and one public.

Screenshot 2015-05-11 18.52.48

AltavozEntmt believes that assigning the Public Key to the Metadata of current DDex, Musicbiz 425File, VSDA and new unforseen format field will protected the creators and ensure this new age of the blockchain is embraced by the Music Biz and we look forward to talking about it during

PS. The future is here and next generation CrypoCurrencyData(TM) and MusicLyricsData(TM) will be needed to be interoperable with not only DDEX standards ones that DAC’s will require and that starts with a Public and Private Key Pairs..

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