Altavoz’s 16 Week Distribution Schedule

We named Altavoz’s proprietary 16-week release regimen
the “Label Boot Camp.” Label Boot Camp is the process that
your label will go through to release your artist’s record and
learn the specifics of the distribution process. By the time
your label has graduated from label boot camp, your artist’s
record will be available for sale in the commerce marketplace

From Week 1

  • New Supplier Questionnaire Submitted on Podio
  • Album Master Completed
  • Share Marketing Plan with Altavoz
  • Tour Plans Shared (ongoing)
  • To Week 16

  • Distribute Sales Reporting to Artist’s Email
  • Orders Dropped / Shipping Begins STREET DATE
  • Album Street Date / Call ALL STORES WHO PURCHASED
  • Through thousands of projects we’ve leared to make it to Streetdate it’s best one week at a time.
  • Once you make it throught label bootcamp- the next release will be a walk in the park

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