Altavoz is an independent, full-service direct distributor offering Distribution as a Service #DaaS covering a wide range of physical and digital services including warehousing, inventory management, marketing/promotion, global distro, and exclusive packaging, manufacturing and distribution deals to music, film, book, video and other suppliers.

Distribution Services

Starting with our Digital Distribution Deal artists, bands and labels can establish a legitimate presence on every single digital download retail, streaming site and even Libraries. In addaton to establishing a digial footprint Altavoz has teamed up with JETCO Research to offer a special funding capability called “”

Once part of the Altavoz Family your releases will be eligible for physical distribution via our C2BD program.

With the majority of sales coming from physical distribution of product, we are committed to placing your product in brick and mortar retailers from indie shops to chains and when tied to a digital distribution plan our Bricks to Clicks Strategy has enabled Altavoz releases to sell three times the industry average.

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Alta Carte:

Having now established to best possible digital and physical distribution solution for artists, bands, and labels Altavoz has now developed a number of services that experience has show to be vital to the sell through or any entertainment goods to end consumers – aka your fans. Pricing Linked Friday

Other Services Offered:

Crypto & Data Services:

This is the newest and most exciting area of Altavoz services from our Buying This applicaiton, to Fan Heat Maps and now crypto currency and data from entertainment consumption

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