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Buying This ™, Fan Heat Map and CryptoCurrency

All serve an underlying mission of helping artists & labels yield the best of both Consumeration & Dataification of creative content.

Buying This ™:

Altavoz’s breakthrough technology that allows the fans to let the business side of music know where and how they want to buy something. Now with just a couple of clicks on a screen everyone in the whole production and manufacturing process is enabled with current data about the desirability or I’m BuyThis sentiment. All of the #AltaArtists well be outfitted with a widget for their website and social media and the fans will finally have a say in how and when they want to consume entertainment

Fan Heat Map:

Our founders user of Collective Intelligence in Emergency Response via the Help Earth Foundation lead to the simple idea to use mapping to show where someone wanted to buy entertainment. During the release of Dawn Richards —Golden Heart she asked fans to use social media to let her know where (zip) and what store they wanted to buy it and we mapped it to a stragtic sales plan. And, the numbers do sing appraise for this new approach

Billboard Chart Goldenheart

Today! Altavoz is enabling our artist, labels and retailers where to pinpoint the distribution of any given release enabling something that other companies only dream of doing. More importantly; in the Music Business as this has been very poor art and zero science. Now with our data we can show via the intensity aka fan heat map of any given release to the distribution, marketing, promotions and touring partners –all at the same time.


Altavoz Entertainment was one of the first to embrace this new Technology <Press Release> and now incorporates it’s protocol of cryptodata into all of our services.

The cryptocurrency or alternative payment market space is open for business and the entertainment industry can benefit from being the primary gateway for consumers to purchase music and other product using these payment systems. The most used cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and other alternative payment systems are becoming valid payment options for both consumers and many well-known retailers and even countries like Iceland.

Special Alert:

On Thursday April 24, is holding a webinar intended for entertainment commerce partners and technical staff. It will include a general overview of Bitcoin and crypto currency payments going more into how it will pertain to the entertainment business as a whole. Our CEO, Nelson Jacobsen is the Presenter

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