Distribution as a Service -DaaS

pioneered by Altavoz along with our trading partners to offer the Future of Entertainment Today — Distribution as a Service. Altavoz’s unique ability to offer Clicks to Bricks distribution services starts from a simple signup, including ability to upload content, to being ingested with the proper Electronic Data Interchange, EDI and Metadata. This allows you music to be physical cataloged into MusicBiz.org’s Product Platform Database) SuperD’s Onefile. Altavoz further ensures that DDex and developments like Schema.org‘s structural data standards are implemented thus ensuring Altavoz’s release are Digital Physical & Globally ready.

    Digital Distribution: Includes 2000+ Digital Retail Partners “DRP” from Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify to the mobile carriers and international digital distribution hubs.
    Manufactured by: AVOZ.co
    Product ID: D3
    $100 single, ep or full release New

    Includes 10,0000 Physical Retail Partners “PRP” Amazon, Amoeba, Barnes & Noble, FYE, Grimies, Newberry Comics, Walmart, and Target plus exporting Globally.
    Manufactured by: AVOZ.co
    Model: Blu-Ray, Cassette, CD, DVD & Vinyl
    Product ID: PD2
    $350 EP or LP New

    Combines the power of D3 2000 outlets & PD2 10,000 retailers into a digital physical global distribution solution for independent entertainment companies. The first release is $350 and then each release thereafter is $150 and included ISRC & UPC numbers and the full capabilities of clicks to bricks distribution solutions
    Manufactured by: AVOZ.co
    Model: Blu-Ray, Cassette, CD, DVD & Vinyl
    Product ID: DPD2
    $350 for EP & LP New

    Technologies that feed the Altavoz Value Added Network (VAN) include BuyingThis(TM) and FanHeatMap as well as our trading partners internal and external technologies enable our supply chain to know when a product is hot and where it is not. This along with MOD gives Alta-Suppliers the ability to set Initial Orders “IO” and expectations of the potential of each release. This ability has never existed and we’re proud to be pioneering it for the sake of Independent content creators and their altafans.

    Altavoz believes this simple switch to predictive music generation verses the old way of doing it will ensure that we get the right product mix to the right fans when and where they want it. And all’s we had to do is ask them. It’s a new tactic employed by Altavoz and it’s very effective. No matter what you release preference, Blu-ray, Cassette, CD, Digital, DVC, Streaming, or Vinyl, Altavoz’s #DaaS is here for it. You just choose the program and we’ll all work to ensure that any physical music is really tied to fans that have already said — I’m BuyingThis(TM) on ….

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