Altavoz’s Cuban Music Distribution

Digital | Physical | Global via Altavoz! It humbles Altavoz to announce that it’s traveling to Cuba in the Summer of 2016 to meet with Cuban, artists, bands, groups, and labels for US and worldwide music distribution. The footprint for Altavoz today is over 2000 digital partners, worldwide, 10,000 US based physical retailers and 120,000 US Public Libraries.

Altavoz the only USA public traded independent entertainment distributor offering the independents of Cuba a Cuban Music Deal into the USA and Global marketplace.

  • Labels, Producers Suppliers with own organizations’
  • Artists, Bands Groups with catalog of music
  • Traveling artists that tour outside of Cuba and have finished music
  • Other forms of entertainment ~ books, movies, videos 3rd quarter 2016
If your feel that your entertainment product is ready for the markets NOW that Altavoz serves; Please contact us 800-229-3764 Altavoz can meet at the Cuban mission in the Washington DC before our planned travel to Cuba in 2016 along with the Help Earth Foundation which is coming to document the indigenous music of the Cuban mountains and remote villages.