Crowdfunding Partner Request for Proposal

AltavozEntmt is seeking to replace it’s crowdfunding partner with a new one. If your company is a crowdfunding platform and knows that entertainment was just the right commerces to be enabled by the crowd that your platform garners and supports please consider responding to our RFP.

The number one need is that it’s easy to administer, as Altavoz’s Artists Bands and Labels will be the admins of their own accounts.

Technically Crowdfunding platform needs to support:

  • Tip jar like capability must be able to digress .00000000 (eight) decimal places
  • Campaigns for Albums, Tours and Videos.
  • API must be EDI425 Compliant
  • Enumeration must be available via one external partner, Paypal, Coinbase, Visa/Mastercard, wire

We’ll be setting up a GoolgeDoc that will be the living document for this RFP so please come back for the link all question to RFP1 at Altavoz dot com reference RFP-1

Updated (May 19th, 2015)

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