Love music? Have a garage or basement full of old vinyl records, but have already pretty much converted them digitally? Well, don’t just throw them out. Make sure you can put your old collection to good use, while still holding on to the beautiful art sleeves they came in. Here are five creative ways to recycle old vinyl records. Just make sure you don’t ruin a rare LP…

  1. Bowls

Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Vinyl Records (50) 5From cereal bowls to fruit bowls, melting down a vinyl can offer ample opportunity for holding whatever your heart desires. It’s quite simple and can be a boost as a decorative piece to any room. To learn how to do this, check out this video. I would so eat my cheerio’s out of this thing, seriously. Honey nut of course.

2. Clock

Vinyl Clock

very psychedelic...whoa man. time is like, literally moving in front of me....

Tell time fashionably in your own home by using the record as the face. You can leave it as is, paint a new design on it, or cut it out into a whole thing. Be as creative as you want. Don’t let time be a factor in your decisions…ignore that terrible line please.

3. Table Top

vinyl record moroccan tables artwork

finally, my favorite artists will support things i like. Such as burritos

Whether it be next your bed or next to your favorite recliner, everyone needs a place to put their drink or phone down. Why not use some old vinyl’s and be able to see some of your favorite artists support some of your favorite things?

4. Wall Art

Butterfly4 Ten Most Creative Uses for Old Vinyl Records

butterflies attack!

Like with the other options, the vinyls can be cut, molded, and…folded? well not really because they would snap, but the other two are very true. With the ability to be manipulated in so many ways, why not create something that can hang on your wall that both shows off your creative ability and fantastic music tastes?

5. Cardholder

vinylcard Ten Most Creative Uses for Old Vinyl Records

party, party, party...why am i so popular?

What to do with all those business cards, letters, and bills? Well, you throw the bills out because if it’s important, they’ll send another. But the others you gotta know where they are. Why not make your old record into a cool cardholder? It’s simple and provides a nice piece that livens up a room by itself.

These are only a couple of ideas of how to get the most out of your older investments. Just make sure the records you choose are not rare or something you can sacrifice for a new creative item. If you want to see what else you can make, click here, herehere, aaaaannnnndddddd here

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