Altavoz, Inc.

A Subsidiary of Max Media Group, Inc

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Altavoz Entmt.
622 Hungerford Dr. STE 2
Rockville, MD 20850
Location GITN: 0632467000004
Altavoz is the only digital and physical entertainment company that is offering successful suppliers (i.e. artists, bands, labels) a pathway to ownership of the Company’s stock. Since Altavoz is now part of (OTC-MXMI) Altavoz believes that bringing the public artists and key partners together for the first time is the revolution in the industry that the artists have sought. And, those that know how important they are to the Entertainment Business, have been waiting for a real Artists Owned Entertainment Company. Think of the Alibi of Independent Entertainment on a global scale and that is what Altavoz is offering.
Coming soon:

  1. Company Events
  2. Stockholder-Chatroom
  3. Corporate council
  4. Public Accountants
  5. Public Auditors
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