Welcome to the City Music Deal.

It’s already no secret that Cities and Metropolitan areas of the life blood of our nation. The issues today for Cities is to have something that they can export, and humbly Altavoz say’s that it’s music is the lifeblood of its community and if you’re not putting it into the Global Marketplace it’s an opportunity that others Cities are glad to take upon themselves to do.

However until AltavozEntmt’s ability to offer Distribution as a Service the option of have a deal done by city was never available to Mayors and local economic development corporations. Well today it is and Altavoz is pleased to bring it to a city near you in 2015.


Every City Music Deal is going to be offering our unique Library Distribution Deal(TM) since we know that every great USA Music City has great schools and a public library system. Please visit Libary Distribution Deal to learn more.

CityMusicDeal.com is setup to handle the shear number of deals that AltavozEntmt and it’s partners are offering on a City by City bases. All tied to our ability to deliver entertainment starting with music to any stores, library or marketplace on the planet for sales opportunity and ability to expose the world to your city and it’s unique culture via the Magic of Music.

This is part of Altavoz commitment to help sales art not arms.

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