Altavoz & DC Blockchain host Post Blockchain Conference Meetup

Post Blockchain Conference DC Blockchain Users Group & Altavoz has set up at Teddy & The Bully Bar (DC’s most political cocktails) and we’ll continue all things Blockchain. Please let sign up know if your coming. BTW this meetup it’s one of the oldest of the Bit or Block anything in the District of Columbia.
Please ask anyone with the Altavoz Logo about our Open Blockchain Project

School Music Deal kicks off with The Honorman July 1st 2016

TheHonorman CD

The @schoolmusicdeal is coming

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On this Memorial Day Altavoz is pleased to announce that The Honor Man will be available to all stores and digital outlets July 1st, 2016. The Honor Man release is the soundtrack of from the Story of Brendan Looney’s life and it’s also the 1st School Music deal, 1st covered in in May of 2015 as a way for DeMatha Catholic High school to see revenue from the Music that it and other schools across the nation are making every day they’re open. It’s only fitting that “LoonyDog” be a leader on the school budget battle front.

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AltavozCoin submitted to


Altavoz has submitted a challenge to the Random Hacks of Kindness DC #RHoKDC community to hack the public Blockchain for Entertainment. Up till now while valiant efforts have been made to figure out how to address getting particularly music onto the Blockchain; And, while genuine efforts they’re addressing the wrong end of the barball, artists or retailers are in the thousands distributors offering digital physical global distribution are about a dozen and Altavoz is one of them and we’ve got an Altavozcoin(.com) that will work from inside the music biz, the creators and the public too.

AltavozEntmt will start to use Pair Keys with our CryptoCurrency -the AltavozCoin ( to help usher in this new age of information technology. As Facebook recently posted on it’s Developer page. “The amount of traffic from Facebook to Internet – we call it “machine to user” traffic – is large and ever increasing, as more people connect and as we create new products and services.”

It is clear that the amount and quality of data is outstripping the current processor and data structures ability to keep a handle on it and Altavoz believes that it will take more than a thumb in the data/dike to make a difference . Thus starting to integrate Key Pairs will be a step forward to keeping track of IP enabling the ability compensate the creators and assigned rights holders from conception to potential decades of it online in one form or another.

Fri, 12/04/15
5:00 p.m.

1309 5th St NE

Priced from: $2 challenges It’s Free to Coders Hackers Programmers
12 tickets left

D3 Update

Altavoz wants to thank the artists, bands and labels that have signed up for this new Digital Distribution Deal and we’ll be making a whole section just for them as we settle into this new offering. If you have questions, a FAQ is on the way so please key an eye out for it and please give us a call anytime to ask questions 800-229-3764 (10am-6pm) Monday – Friday.

(Special Shout out to Konshens and his management team for being the 1st to sign the deal and now the face of it. )

District Made Music DC1CITY Discount

If you’re a District of Columbia artists, band or label and want to get your DCMadeMusic out to the world. Our is being offered to you via a deal with @DCONECITY and all that has to be done is enter in #DC1CITY in the Discount Code and get 10% and then tweet to @DCONECITY or @DCMADEMUSIC and tag it with #DC1CITY to unlock an addational 5% for total of 15 percent off the already bragan price of $100.

This is very limited time offer so get it now and be set for 2015 release distribution.

This is really three deals in one.

  1. A Digital Distribution to all of Top 200 online retailers, streamers, and mobile carriers.
  2. Ingestion into Hoopa Digital’s Public Library content management system. (there are 120,000 US Public Libraries)
  3. Automatic qualification for JETCO research softpayment technology allowing instance tips and funding campaigns on any site
Altavoz has already signed the Fair Digital Distribution Pledge so it cannot get more fair, how go check out for yourself why it’s soooooo great.

Digital Distribution

Physical distribution now handled by AMPED

Altavoz is pleased to announce that it’s been selected to be part of AMPED Distribution which is a physical only solution offered by the newly merged SuperD and Alliance Entmt onestops. This super onestop gives AltaArtists access to an unprecedented independent distributor sales, shipping and warehousing solution that rivals that of the majors physical product distibution and is a fraction of the cost.

“Amped specializes in physical distribution worldwide and was created by merging Alliance Entertainment and Super D’s independent companies into one entity. Amped has seen tremendous growth with successful releases such as Metallica’s “Through the Never” movie, and new albums from John Frusciante, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Band of Horses, kxm and The Wood Brothers. Amped continues this trend with new releases coming from Lindsey Stirling, Martina McBride, Katie Herzog, Band of Skulls, Justin Currie and Walk through Walls. Amped specializes in physical distribution worldwide while not requiring labels or studios to give up their digital rights. Amped has a huge and dynamic direct to retail account base, and can offer a comprehensive physical distribution solution.” Recent press release

This is part of Altavoz’s Distribution as a Service #DaaS rollout of services that enables our clients to be partnered with the key players in the entertainment industry allowing a full digital physical & global entertainment solution.

Link to blurb on A2IM about APMED

Bitcoin accepted here

Altavoz Entertainment CEO Nelson Jacobsen announced that the company will accept Bitcoin payments from suppliers – music labels and artists – and retailers. Altavoz has chosen to partner with (click to join us) to become the first U.S. entertainment distributor to accept the digital currency. Altavoz will introduce the new payment option to partners this month and expects to begin beta-testing transactions with a few retailers prior to opening it up to all of them. The company also expects to work closely with suppliers to get them set up in the Bitcoin system and receive or payout  to them in Bitcoin currency.