Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. is launching City Music DealTM in Tampa Bay, FL.,

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. is launching City Music DealTM in Tampa Bay, FL., a music hub for Florida, independent retailers like Kool Daddy Records, as well as the city’s numerous clubs and festivals. Tom Bomb will serve as Tampa Bay’s music ambassador, leading the City Music DealTM program and connecting the city’s independent artists, bands, and labels with Altavoz’s global, digital and physical music distribution solutions.

“Tom’s music business expertise and understanding of our unique distribution model, combined with his deep Florida roots, allows us to build on Tampa Bay’s musical call-to-arms by cementing Altavoz’s City Music DealTM into the Tampa music scene,” said Altavoz CEO Nelson Jacobsen.


Physical Releases are always 16 weeks out.

Effective imminently 04/26/2017

All new Physical Distribution Deals and, outside of MODM, requires a 16-week signup to street date rule. Our experience of putting out 145 releases, mostly vinyl since 2011, and data have shown us that Fans and BuyingThis(TM) activities happen over a steady 16-week progression. While there are exceptions to the rules, Altavoz has seen the difference the full 112 days provides to our supplier partners and skipping any of the battle tested week by week plan over 16 weeks leaves room for miss oportunities and mistakes. Please contact your CityMusicDeal Ambassador or Altavoz Sales rep for questions.

We’re providing a count up clock for 16-weeks so see when our next release date for your or Digital Physical Distribution Deal is available.

We do have a LabelBoot Camp program and it’s not a t-shirt that you get its a proper street date.

Blu-Ray, Cassette, CD, DVD, and Vinyl time line for physical release out side of MODM
Model: PD2

Altavoz & DC Blockchain host Post Blockchain Conference Meetup

Post Blockchain Conference DC Blockchain Users Group & Altavoz has set up at Teddy & The Bully Bar (DC’s most political cocktails) and we’ll continue all things Blockchain. Please let sign up know if your coming. BTW this meetup it’s one of the oldest of the Bit or Block anything in the District of Columbia.
Please ask anyone with the Altavoz Logo about our Open Blockchain Project

OTC Quote Widget and changes from being Public

Some changes are coming to Altavoz as we emerge into a Public reporting, digital, physical, global market force for US Made Music mean while doing so as transparent as possible. Namely more paperwork, wish we’re just kidding, however it’s for the better of all like the “The OTC Quote Widget ” as described — “is a simple and free IR web tool designed to help your company provide real-time quotes to your investors on your corporate website”– and now it’s on our main page as we’re interested in all aspect of open data. Think of it as data catnip for investors.

And! now that we’re at the point of Filing an S1 with the SEC; the point of filing the updated financials, cleaning up the Max Media Group, Inc MXMI nonfiling or even in standing in NV company and turning it into Altavoz Entertainment, Inc (OTC:AVOZ) reporting to all the agencies that we now have to make sure that suppliers and investors are both protected making AVOZ a winning investment for all parties.

School Music Deal kicks off with The Honorman July 1st 2016

TheHonorman CD

The @schoolmusicdeal is coming

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On this Memorial Day Altavoz is pleased to announce that The Honor Man will be available to all stores and digital outlets July 1st, 2016. The Honor Man release is the soundtrack of from the Story of Brendan Looney’s life and it’s also the 1st School Music deal, 1st covered in in May of 2015 as a way for DeMatha Catholic High school to see revenue from the Music that it and other schools across the nation are making every day they’re open. It’s only fitting that “LoonyDog” be a leader on the school budget battle front.

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Wanted to thank Lalita Clozel for her taking the time to learn about our multiple layers of distribution of which the School Music Deal is King and Libraries are the Queens of each USAMusicCity community.

School choirs have something many indie artists would die for: an adoring fan base — namely, their star-struck parents.

Seeking to cash in on that enthusiasm, Rockville-based indie music distributor Altavoz has launched a new deal just for schools.

In exchange for a fee, the company will get students’ music performances certified on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.

“You need to have a community, and the larger your community the more successful your music is going to be,” said Altavoz CEO Nelson Jacobsen.

Exclusive Library Release

CARTER_disk_art (500)

Artists: Phillip Carter
Title: Songs of Phillip Carter
Label: SOV, Inc.
Songs of Phillip Carter is being released as an Exclusive Library Release (TM), ELR, is the first release of a musical recording exclusively via the Public Library system. Instead of getting it first online or at a store people will have to visit their local library to hear this new music from renowned gospel musician Phillip Carter.

This is really taking Keith Richards “The public library is the great equalizer” idea and going the next step. By rewarding the library with exclusive content and library users and music fans the chance for hear new music for free. To learn more please visit a special website that has been setup for this innovative way to make Libraries

Please visit to find about more about this new innovation in distribution and how Public Libraries are viewed in the Entertainment ecosystem.

Cofounders named to FiftyonFire

Jessamyn Sarmiento & Nelson Jacobsen nominated as finalist in InTheCapital #FifiyonFire competition in the Advocacy and Government category. “Needless to say surprised to be nominated along with 1500 others to make it down to 150 finalists is a real thrill and we owe it all to great staff and interns”. NRJ .

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D3 Update

Altavoz wants to thank the artists, bands and labels that have signed up for this new Digital Distribution Deal and we’ll be making a whole section just for them as we settle into this new offering. If you have questions, a FAQ is on the way so please key an eye out for it and please give us a call anytime to ask questions 800-229-3764 (10am-6pm) Monday – Friday.

(Special Shout out to Konshens and his management team for being the 1st to sign the deal and now the face of it. )