Songs of Phillip Carter

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Artists: Phillip Carter
Title: Songs of Phillip Carter
Label: SOV, Inc.
Songs of Phillip Carter was initially released as the 1st Exclusive Library Release (ELR) as in exclusive to the Public Library system. Instead of getting it first online or at a store people got to enjoy the Songs of Phillip Carter at a local library. This week Altavoz and SOV, Inc accorded another 1st for Phillips and the Songs of Phillip Carter. (press release)
Songs of Philip Carter are now available to every store physically as a Manufacture on Demand Music release. Stores large and small can order this and have it come to the local shop for you pick up or purchase it online (,, and have it shipped out to you and it’s made just like a regular CD, it’s just one or two manufactured and packaged on demand leaving no need for inventory.

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