Julie Dorian

Album: So Many Days
Label Aporia Records
Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock
Release Date: November 12, 2013
SLP: LP $14.98
CD $11.98
UPC: LP 829750005017
CD 829750005024
Cat #: LP 1116421003
CD 1116131002
Packaging: 12” Vinyl, LP
CD Jewel Case

Track list

1. Cars & Trucks
02. By The Lake
03. Can’t Make It No More
04. Another Second Chance
05. Our Love
06. Where Are You?
07. The Only
08. I Thought I Could Do It
09. The Gambler
10. Beneath The Leaves
11. Homeless
12. Last Night I Lay In Bed


“The chamomile warmth of Julie Doiron’s voice is deceptive….
Doiron has always aimed to capture the kaleidoscopic emotional
range of ordinary moments, and accordingly the moods of her songs
often transform line by line. Out of this approach, she creates songs
that move fluidly, moodily, unpredictably– like life.”
– Lindsay Zoladz, Pitchfork

“SO MANY DAYS is actually quite an optimistic record, on the balance, though it
earns its silver linings by freely swimming around in its storm clouds. It gives — like
a lot of Doiron’s work — an incredibly rare insight into the bare, honest struggle of
simply being a person in the world.” – National Post

“It’s a refreshing dichotomy, and one that makes for brilliant, if sometimes puzzling,
listening in another chapter of Doiron’s always strong body of work.”
– Fred Thomas, Allmusic.com

“While Doiron’s latest work probes the depths of loneliness and despair, the singersongwriter
balances the mood on SO MANY DAYS by celebrating the joys that good
love can bring.” – Elliott Garnier, CBC Music


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