Drop the Needle: Boston Punk Anthology

drop the needle

Drop the Needle: Boston
Punk Anthology

Label: Trev Records
Release Date: October 1, 2013
UPC: 884501940597
Cat/ #: 1112131001
Genre: Punk Rock
Package: Jewel Case

Track list

1. Smegma and the Nunz – “Bourgeois

2. Smegma and the Nunz – “Joke’s On

3. Gang Green (1985) – “The Original Let’s
Drink Some Beer”

4. Celebrity Death Certificate – “First

5. Celebrity Death Certificate – “Dead

6. Scratch – “Waysde”
7. Scratch – “Centralia”
8. Mallet Head – “Give and Take”
9. Mallet Head – “Mother Sunshine”

10. Scratch – “El Monstro”
11. Smegma and the Nunz – “Insanity”
12. Smega and the Nunz – “Napalm Sticks
to Kids”

13. Smegma and the Nunz – “Nuns of


“… this CD marks the first time that the original 1985 version of Gang Green’s
“Let’s Drink Some Beer” has been released since it’s vinyl debut. For a lot of
fans, this’ll be one of the main reasons to check this disc out as Gang Green
are obviously the best known band featured in the collection and the track is a
killer… All in all, a pretty interesting compilation that offers up a whole bunch of
unreleased and obscure stuff for the first time. – Shockpop.com

Gang Green was the most raucous and explosive hardcore punk band in Boston
from 1982-1986. DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY is a new fulllength
13 song compilation release of five old-school Boston punk, rock, and
hardcore bands from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

ANTHOLOGY is a blast from the past for Boston punk rock fans. The compilation
features some old-school favorites, like Gang Green and Smegma + The Nunz,
which featured members of hardcore legends Gang Green and The Freeze, with
Alec Steere, former vocalist for Leper, who are considered to be Boston’s very
first hardcore band. Following Leper, Smegma + The Nunz became one of the
most outrageous and most blasphemous bands in Boston in the early 80’s. For
the first time on this CD are five rare demo recordings by this now-infamous
Boston punk band. Other artists featured on the CD are Mallet Head, Celebrity
Death Certificate, and Scratch.


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