Doyle – Abominator

Doyle CD

Artist: DOYLE
Album: Abominator
Label: Monsterman Records/
Release Date: October 29, 2013
SLP: $12.99
UPC: 699938460828
Cat #: 1115131001
Genre: Heavy Rock
Package: CD w/jewel case and
16 page booklet

Album Track Listing

1. Abominator
2. Learn to Bleed
3. DreamingDead Girls
4. Headhunter
5. Valley Of Shadows
6. Land Of The Dead
7. CemeterySexxx
8. Love Like Murder
9. Mark Of The Beast
10. Drawing Down the Moon (CD EXCLUSIVE)
11. Bloodstains
12. Hope Hell is Warm

Doyle is breaking new
ground in 2013 with his solo project,
DOYLE – a horror based hardrock/metal
band of epic proportions. The new
“Abominator” album has Doyle playing
guitar alongside former Misfits member Dr.
Chud on Drums, Alex Story (Cancerslug)
on vocals and “Left Hand” Graham Reaper
(Let It Burn) on Bass.

Press on Release

“The nice thing about this album is it not only draws from each incarnation of the band
– mixing a hybrid sound that involved the eras of Misfits’ founder, Glenn Danzig, and the
nineties era group which featured Doyle and his brother/original member, Jerry Only
– but also includes a modern day sound that pays tributes to legendary metal acts like
Pantera, Black Sabbath and, of course, Glenn Danzig’s post punk venture, Danzig…

"The overall result is a solid effort from one of the anarchists of horror punk music.”
–, Jason Tanamor

“… Von Frankenstein’s guitar work on songs like the ominously-titled “Land of the Dead,”

“Bloodstains” and “Headhunter” is as sharp as the grim reaper’s scythe but it’s melodic
too and Story’s vocals are delivered without unnecessary affectation, save for a tortured
scream here and there, making “Abominator” the equivalent of, say, a late night party in the
graveyard.” –

“There’s enough thrashing going on throughout Abominator to satisfy those who
want to bang their heads but Doyle’s guitar playing is just as melodic as it is manic
and you can understand all of Story’s words; that adds up to an effort with all the
ingredients needed to please longtime fans and also bring new fans into the fold.”

Selling Points:

• On 30-date U.S. tour this Fall/Winterwith Danzig
• Headlining dates in November and December
• Top 20 Metal radio hit with “ValleyOf Shadows”
• Top 40 Active Rock with “CemeterySexxx”

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