Digmata the Life

Artist: Digmata
Album: Digmata The Life
Label: One Team One Dream, LLC
Release: 4/21/2017
SLP: $9.99
UPC: 632467001162
Cat #: 1136131001
Genre: Rap
Onesheet: Link

““This is my life, this project is about me and my story,”
Digmata explained about his music. “From the intro to
the outro – this is me. I I want to introduce my fans and
anyone listening to Digmata and be able to relate. I want
them to be like, ‘I know that dude.’”
KeVon “Digmata” Tyler coming from Mansfield, aka Drug City,
Ohio. It wasn’t easy coming up in the game in the Midwest. After
beating the case of trumped up charges and facing 28 years as well
as losing his mentor, David (King Dave) Bronson, to street violence,
Digmata switched his focus to his dream of doing music and
finding a way out of the hood. With a strong family and team base
and even stronger work ethic, Digmata eventually linked up with
Quincy (Big Heff) Taylor. That connection led to touring over 100
cities in a year and getting love from coast to coast, putting together
shows with Stalley, Ray Jr, Bone Thugs and making the crowds
move with his songs and high energy performances. With a growing
list of achievements Digmata knew starting his own record
label One Team One Dream, LLC (OTOD) was needed to keep
it going until the dream is complete; And, OTOD and Digmata
names are known worldwide as the best in the business.

Press Release about Digmata signing with Altavoz Link

Digmata The lIfe is debue CD by Ohio Rapper Digmata
Brand: One Team One Dream, LLC
Manufacturer: Altavoz Entmt
Model: 1136121001
Product ID: 632467001162