LoveDominique-Album Cover

Album: Love Dominique
Artists: Love Dominique
Label: Love Sounds Music
Release Date 7/22/2014
UPC: 780742216425
Genre: R&B
Package: Standard Jewel Case


1. Tonight Length:# –
2. DownLength:# –
3. Going Hard Length:# –
4. Feels Good Length:# –
5. If It Aint Us Length:# –
6. Slow Grind Length:# –
7. Park And Ride Length:# –
9. Shadow Length:# –
10. Beautiful Length:# –
11. Looking For Love Length:# –

“Dominique… bright and bubbly, and has all the makings
of the next big thing in R & B”


“…an artist based out of the greater
Houston area, and her unique
brand of soulful pop fused with RnB
has earned her features in nearly
every major publication in the
greater hip-hop world (including
Vibe Vixen). Now, she’s poised
for a crossover…and a takeover.”
– Bernadette Giacomazzo, XXL Mag

“…a singer who has perfected the art
of the siren song with a husky alto
that plays off of provocative lyrics
and a come-hither attitude that
belies her short time in the industry.”
–Altamese Osborne, Houston Press

Love Dominique – Love Dominique (2014)
Self-titled debut CD by Love Dominique available May 22, 2014.
Love Dominique


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Product description: Love Dominique self-titled R&B debut CD

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