Argonauts – Whats Your Perfect Day

CD Vinyl Cover

Artist: Argonaut

Album: What’s Your Perfect Day? EP Vinyl

Label: Strange Earth Records

Release Date: November 12, 2013

SLP: $12.98

UPC: 700814690373

Track list

1. Deluxe People in a
Deluxe Setting

2. Unicorns and Hatchets
3. The Battle of Pig Hill
4. If Canada is So Great Then Why
Do Severed Feet Keep Washing Up


“… Argonaut reunited after a four-year hiatus in 2010. And since then, fans must have wondered
when the popular sludge-metal outfit would get around to a proper follow up to its The Good
Times and the Bad Times EP… the disc goes in unexpected places, culminating in the foreboding
build up and release of disc closer “If Canada Is So Great, Then Why Do Feet Keep Washing
Up There?” – Tacoma Weekly, Ernest Jasmin

“If your perfect day has anything to do with rock ‘n’ roll that’s heavy in sound and heart,
that’s saturated with the sweat of hard and pounding drums; includes a wonderfully
mastered EP set on replay, lyrics hitting home and guitar driving hard, then your perfect
day would include an afternoon listening party for Argonaut’s What’s Your Perfect Day?…
– Nortwest, Nikki McCoy

“Tacoma’s Argonaut are a riff factory, a stoney powerhouse of blood boiling, Sabbath blackening
rock and roll… What’s Your Perfect Day? goes through a variety of familiar yet fresh territory,
from fast-paced hardcore punk to bleak, crushing doom. Fans of Sleep, Kyuss, and Red Fang will
fall in love immediately. – Seattle Passive Aggressive, Brian Kim

Selling points

• Toured the west coast and played with such bands as High on
Fire, Unida, Porn (Men Of ), The Whip, Harkonen, Alabama
Thunderpussy, Suplecs, Caustic Resin, Spirit Caravan, Dixie
Witch and more.
• Played the 2004 Stoner Hands Of Doom festival and
Northwest Loudfest 2002
• Plays with bands Red Fang, The Absolute Monarchs, Helms
Alee, Lozen, White Orange, Ancient Warlocks, Reignwolf,
The Fucking Eagles and more.
• Recorded an EP with Ben Verellen of Helms Alee/Harkonen/
Verellen amplifiers fame
• “Shoot the Moon” called one of the top 5 releases of 2003 by
Pirates, Inc. Magazine and Motel Bazooka Magazine, both
from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Notes on Vinyl

180 gram
Yellow/Orange Vinyl
Inner Polly Lined Sleeve Insert
Limited edition of 350, Numbered
12” 45 RPM

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